K Laser Light Therapy

At Anne Howard Physical Therapy we provide the latest, state of the art equipment to help our patients feel better sooner, 
get well and stay fit.

We currently offer the K Laser at our Soquel physical therapy office. We incorporate the laser into patient treatment programs 
when appropriate and have others using it for arthritis management and other pain relieving situations. This laser has demonstrated 
superior results to any other laser in my practice.

What is the K Laser?

The K Laser is a medical device (class IV laser) that can be used for:


  • Reducing swelling (hematomas, acute injuries)
  • Safe to use over total joint replacements
  • Dramatically improved healing and elasticity for ligament injuries
  • Heel pain, Achilles' problems
  • Muscle soreness/spasm
  • Nerve pain
  • Wound healing
  • Arthritic conditions



How Does it Work?

The short answer is that laser delivers energy into your body's cells so that it can heal itself better. It stimulates the natural 
processes to be more effective. It does not cover up anything, but helps you to be your best at a cellular level!

The longer more detailed answer can be found at http://www.k-laserusa.com/mechanisms-of-action/ , in part:

"By far the most obvious and fortunate conclusion we have been able to extract from in vivo studies (not only with respect to laser phototherapy) 
is that our immune system is capable of handling an extraordinary range of pathologies. The time scale and degree to which our cells can react and 
combat these contaminants is the subject of much study, but it is clear both that lasers do stimulate the immune system and that the restoration of 
healthy function continues well after the initial irradiation. The amount of healing done during the minutes of laser irradiation is minuscule compared 
to the time it takes to relieve the body of disease or infection. This leads to one very important piece of information: the body does most of the work 
itself and so the target for an effective laser treatment is NOT the pathology itself, but rather to stimulate the appropriate cell compartments that lead 
to the bodyís natural repair mechanisms. Basically, we want to stimulate the cellís metabolism (i.e. its ability to use oxygen to create energy)."

To experience a laser treatment for yourself, please contact us for more information and to schedule a free trial.

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Testimonial from Dr. David Schweitert of Rapid City, SD. from K-LaserUSA on Vimeo.